Debut Collection Press Release

The Debut Collection by Gruber & Whale focuses on a lifestyle staple - the perfect accessory - the kind that improves with age and acts as a canvas to the wearers' everyday life.

Gruber & Whale have taken great care in sourcing premium raw materials. Each product is beautifully crafted from genuine, vegetable tanned, Italian leather. Utilising first grade ‘Primo Fiore’ True leather, these are organic products hand dyed in the heart of Tuscany in a tannery with over 100 years of experience. This tanning process is friendly to the environment.

The collection is a harmony between luxury and craftsmanship with inspiration drawn from old world style and the allegory behind something that is built to last.

What follows is a collection of styles for different occasions for both men and women from roomy travel bags, shopper bags, day bags, understated evening bags, computer cases and inner bags.

The contrast between textures is an integral theme. Heavy stitching pierces soft leather and unstitched sections are polished and smooth - solid brass holster studs and rivets lend a strong industrial feel. Graphic interplay is expressed through colour and form; toffee is paired with chocolate, chestnut and black supported by hints of vibrant red lining.

Quite simply, the collection from Gruber & Whale is one of quality and style with a contemporary feel.