September 27 2011

Today is a Good Day...LOADING BAY.

Cafe, Comfort Food, Apparel and REALLY Good Coffee. LOADING BAY now stocks Gruber and Whale. Besides being a beautiful industrial space, Loading Bay stocks one of our favourite brands, Acne aswell as amazing denim from Blue Blood. We can now add Gruber and Whale to that list.

September 26 2011

LOOM stocks Gruber and Whale

Loom, a new menswear store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg is the suburbs new retail collaboration with a handpicked selection of cult-status brands including Japanese enigmatic fashion label, Comme des Garcons. Loom is the 3rd retail project by the same minds behind the British fashion label Paul Smith in South Africa. The store sits in a neighbourhood synonymous with European-like cafe culture. Offering a limited collection of street apparel and high-end fashion. Loom is home to a handpicked selection of internationally renowned brands such as: Sixpack(France), Denim Demon(Sweden), Comune(USA),Denham and Jeanmaker(Holland).

September 25 2011

Gruber and Whale is stocked in Croft and Co.

We have picked up a new stockist - Croft and Co. based in Parkview in Johannesburg. Store owner Grant Ravenscroft has created a unique and special retail environment. For a personalised boutique experience, Croft and Co is definitely your go to store.. Check it out...

September 22 2011


We are off to Paris , to show at (Capsule) ! We are super excited, and will be there from Oct 1-3 . Come see us at our stand. How cute is the invite?

June 10 2011

36boutiques Review Gruber and Whale

Stop the press! Brand new Cape Town based designers, Gruber & Whale, recently launched their debut collection of seriously classy leather handbags, totes, laptop, clutches and slouch bags. Described as ‘a harmony between luxury and craftsmanship with inspiration drawn from old world style and the allegory behind something that is built to last’, the bags are made from first grade ‘Primo Fiore’ Italian leather and hand-dyed in the heart of Tuscany. We’re so excited to see young, local designers producing such high quality goods.

April 15 2011

The Shoot

The beautiful studio, which was the location for Gruber & Whale's Collection photoshoot!

April 13 2011

Mambo de Et Dieu... Créa la femme

Bridgette Bardot at her best...she's so free and WILD! We LOVE it!

April 13 2011

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Audrey Hepburn is fabulous in this film!!! A inspirational...